Help! Back D Issues May 26, 2010 K&Q

Reed Made By: 
Steve Pribyl
Posted by: 
Steve Pribyl
Reed Type: 
Date Constructed: 
26 May 2010
Koehler and Quinn
Staple Type: 
Staple Details: 
Blank is .6" at wide end, .54" at narrow end
Staple Length: 
2 1/8"
Head Material: 
Sampson cane
Head Width: 
12.7 mm
Cane Tube Diameter: 
Overall Length: 

The biggest issue with this reed (and most of my reeds) is the back d. With too light pressure, it plays a D, but with a little more pressure it plays as a d#. The "too light pressure" is much lighter than I need to play for the rest of the notes, so usually it comes out as a D#. Should I be shooting for the D or the D#?

Some of my reeds will play the back D as three tones. This one does not break or gurgle. I have tried narrower heads and narrower heads.

Reed has good tone, good crow. Second octave is a little flat. The g's are sharp. Good hard d. It will play up to the third D. High B is a little sharp.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.