This site is a resource for the construction and troubleshooting of uilleann pipe reeds. Here you can:

  • Find suggestions for adjusting and/or modifying various aspects of reeds during construction and finishing.
  • Document and share information about reeds that you make.

Chanter Reed Cross Section

Reed Problems

  • If you are having problems with your reeds, click on a reed type in the menu to browse or search the database.

Reed Documentation

  • To see reeds that others have made, under "Community," click "Reed Records."
  • To upload documentation of your own reeds, you must be registered and logged in. Click "Create Content." You will be able to upload an image and documentation of the reed.


This site is not meant to be guide for a comprehensive method of reedmaking. The suggestions are from well-established pipemakers and reed makers and are direct quotes or paraphrases of the original printed or web source material. All sources are credited where known.

The Company of Brilliance is in no way responsible for any reeds that may be negatively affected or rendered unplayable by following these suggestions. Proceed at your own risk.


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This site exists due to the extreme generosity and support of the pipemakers and reed makers quoted herein. Many of the publications quoted here are still available and have much more information than that which is the topic of this site. Please see the Sources and Links pages for their contact information.

Anatomy Uilleann Pipes Chanter Reed image is courtesy of Evertjan 't Hart