Reed for B Koehler Concert Boxwood chanter ( J McSherry)

Reed Made By: 
Patrick O' Hare
Reed Type: 
Date Constructed: 
Benedict Koehler
Staple Type: 
Staple Details: 
4.0mm i.d brass tubing
Staple Length: 
49mm ( 1.6mm "eye")
Head Material: 
Sampson Californian Cane
Head Width: 
Cane Tube Diameter: 
Overall Length: 

This is the actual reed that John McSherry used to record his new solo album "Soma". I have added these dimensions as they may be of help to fans of Johns, and indeed anyone who plays a B. Koehler chanter. Please note however these type of reeds are not for the faint hearted.
It is worth noting that this style with these dimensions are for a B. Koehler Concert pitch chanter, A Koehelr and Quinn Concert pitch chanter will require some slight modification to the dimensions of the steeple.

A reed of this style will require a "heavyish" scrape as can be seen from the photo, take care when doing this and pay particular attention to the pitch and stability of the back D. The back D in this reed is designed to play slighly sharp of the rest of the chanter. There are reasons for this, a small piece of tape over the hole will rectify this.
If is is found that the High G is slightly flat, the eye of the steeple should be slightly narrowed. This will have little to no effect on the performance of the rest of the notes ,overall tone and playability

This type of reed will be very happy with the bridle just at the base of the scrape, although other posistions will work well also